Uncategorized December 22, 2019

One Year Anniversary

I’ve just passed my 1 year anniversary in this crazy career and I’ve loved every minute of it!  I’ve reached milestones and added a new team member (my husband!) to my/our business.  So I thought I would share the key things I learned in the last year that may help you or someone you know who may be thinking about buying or selling or even of thinking of becoming a Realtor themselves!

  1. This job takes discipline!  It’s easy to get sidetracked and sucked in to a social media time trap.  Having a daily schedule is a must and being your own boss gives you the ability to change your schedule when needed, but having a daily roadmap is important.
  2. Communication is key!  Even if I have nothing new to tell my client, I stay in touch.  I may call and say, “Everything is still the same on my side of things, but how about you?  Have you got some questions that have popped up since we talked last?”
  3. It’s about relationships!  My very first clients, now very good friends, searched for their home for 6 months.  I was happy to help them until they found a home they loved.  It was completely different than what they thought they wanted at the outset, but that’s okay.  I love knowing they are thrilled with their new house.
  4. A great mentor makes all the difference!  My broker is a wealth of information for her agents.  I learn something new every day from the various educational opportunity my broker and company provide.  It makes me a better agent  for my clients.
  5. I’m ready for 2020!  If you know anyone looking to buy or sell a home this year, I’d appreciate you referring me.  If you’re already an agent and are looking for a brokerage that helps you scale your business, increase your knowledge and feels like family I’ll be glad to introduce you!

Thanks for a great year and all the encouragement my friends and family have given me.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday and are ready to ring in the New Year!